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Born from philanthropy, MRI came into being through our desire to donate N95 masks and other critical protective masks to underserved communities and clinics. To date, over one million masks have been donated and we plan to continue our mission to make certain our communities are safe in the wake of Covid-19 and beyond.
We are proud to provide wholesale distribution of personal protective equipment, including disposable face masks, nitrile gloves and non-surgical gowns to the public. If you are in search of a large quantity bulk PPE, you’ve arrived to your destination. MRI provides the same quality PPE as manufacturers that produce FDA or CE-listed products.

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    Disposable Face Mask

    • For daily use.
    • 3-layers of physical barriers
    • Easy to Breathe Through
    • Comfortable Fit
    • Skin-Friendly Materials
    • Fiberglass and latex free

    Questions about N95 masks vs. KN95 masks? What about daily masks vs. high-performance masks?

    Visit our FAQ page and learn more about our 3-layer single-use disposable masks, fluid-resistant high-performance masks,
    and the bacterial efficiency of our N95 and KN95 masks.

    MRI is teamed with the best manufactures around the world. Each manufacturer is given a compliance audit to evaluate important productions factors, such as manufacturer certification, delivery time assessments, and MRI’s own evaluation of the final product. In addition, MRI reviews for fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment, with a goal of 90% or above for every factory.