Wholesale Pricing

MRI specializes in wholesale to major distribution channels. During this time of need, we have made it possible to sell to the general public in wholesale pricing. Our quantities are a bit larger due to the nature of our wholesale business.

Our Quality Approach

We have spent months finding the best manufactures around the world– the same ones that produce FDA or CE listed products. We visit them often and have built strong personal relationships with the owners. Each manufacturer is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like their manufacturer certification, delivery times, and our own evaluation of the final product. In addition, we review for fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment. Our goal? A score of 90 or above for every factory.

Providing Help in Time of Need

During this time of need we have suspended all selling of critical Personal Protection Equipment such as N95 masks. We believe that trying to sell these products drives up demand for critical equipment for front line healthcare workers. In addition, we have donated much of our supply of N95 and other critical masks to underserved communities and clinics. To date, we have donated over 1,000,000 pieces to those who need it the most.