It’s the Summer of 2021. Do I Really Need a Face Mask?

Although the CDC has updated its guidelines, face masks are still a crucial part of staying safe this summer

Despite Vaccines, Medical Supplies, Verified Disposable Face Masks, & PPE Are Still Global Necessity

As much as we’d all like the arrival of vaccinations to translate to the pandemic being over and a return to life “as normal,” verified medical supplies such as disposable face masks are still a necessary part of public interaction in the foreseeable future.

What is Better? An N95 Mask or Two Face Masks?

Although wearing double-masks can help prevent COVID contagion, the best solution continues to be N95 and KN95 masks.

5 Impactful Articles About N95 Masks and PPE

Despite having relinquished its former dominance of the news cycle, COVID-19 continues to be mentioned frequently on daily news. A [...]

MRI Spokesperson Dr. Lauren Zalay named PPE “Chicago Health Care Hero”

When COVID-19 hit, Dr. Lauren Zalay and MRI encountered a devastating issue with the lack of availability of PPE. So they organized and coordinated securing PPE for her office, plus other dental and health care offices around the city and across the country.

Why Bulk Disposable Face Masks and Large Quantity PPE Are Still Hard to Get

With the COVID virus still going strong, it continues to be important for businesses, hospitals, and workers to continue looking ahead toward meeting their PPE goals.

N95 Face Masks Are More Crucial Now Than Ever

Demand for N95 and high-efficiency masks continues to grow as the new presidential administration issues protective orders requiring mask-wearing to slow the spread of coronavirus – especially as new variants of COVID-19 escalate throughout the world

PPE for Covid-19: How MRI Covers You With Care

An infographic highlighting MRI company products for Covid-19 response including non-surgical isolation gowns, daily use masks, general use masks, high performance masks, and KN95 masks.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Disposable Face Masks; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The PPE market requires informed consumers that can make correct decisions about what masks to wear and avoid scams and sub-par equipment.

The PPE Challenge: What Healthcare Workers Are Saying About Difficulty Securing FDA-Approved PPE

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a statement that protective face masks do in fact offer protection for the wearer in addition to helping prevent the transmission of COVID-19.