5 Impactful Articles About N95 Masks and PPE

Despite having relinquished its former dominance of the news cycle, COVID-19 continues to be mentioned frequently on daily news. A lot of the news stories are positive: N-95 faces masks have begun reappearing in stock after a long hiatus, more Americans have now been vaccinated than have been infected, and in general, panic has subsided. However, the battle has not yet been won, and we have chosen 5 articles about N95 face masks and PPE that give recommendations about the best practices to use in 2021.

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Number 1: Proper sourcing of PPE from trustworthy sources continues to be indispensable.

On February 8th, ABC News reported that “a Charleston-based cosmetics company is accused of defrauding a logistics and distribution company out of more than half a million dollars by selling counterfeit personal protective equipment (PPE) amid the coronavirus pandemic.”  It seems that as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. Speculators hoping to make a quick buck have wreaked havoc since last February and continue to do so today. AARP reports that up to 70% of KN-95 masks in the United States are counterfeit. Therefore, sourcing proper PPE continues to be a challenge for businesses.

Number 2: Even if you have received your vaccine, continue to exercise extreme caution in the workplace.

As the New York Times reports, the new vaccines protect recipients, but “leaves open the possibility that some vaccinated people get infected without developing symptoms, and could then silently transmit the virus — especially if they come in close contact with others or stop wearing masks.” Michal Tal, an immunologist at Stanford University adds, “It’s really going to be critical for vaccinated individuals to know they have to keep wearing masks, because they could still be contagious.”

In short, defeating a contagion takes community-based logic, and PPE will be a large part of that logic.

Number 3: Companies should be on the lookout for governmental regulations.

Recently, CNBC reported that “more than a dozen top scientists are pushing the Biden administration to require N95 air filtration masks for employees in risky workplaces such as meatpacking plants and prisons.” Whether these pleas will materialize is far from certain but keeping an ear to the ground can help companies foresee governmental demands that could affect their processes.

Number 4: Stay up to date with the research.

With all the world’s eyes on COVID, researchers have spared no expense to understand the virus. When it comes to COVID masks, there have been consistent findings expounding on their effectiveness. The latest news concentrates on the importance of fit: well-adjusted masks make all the difference when it comes to protection. As reported by The Seattle Times, pediatric infectious diseases specialist Craig Shapiro states, “It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing one, two, or six masks — if the mask(s) doesn’t fit properly, you lose the benefit.” Using tricks to tuck the mask in and twisting the elastic strings for a tighter fit can all ensure better results.

Number 5: Two are better than one.

Top scientists have validated research indicating that two masks are better than one. This extra layer of protection can help make a difference in levels of contagion. However, this is not a blank statement for all masks. The CDC advises, “do not wear another mask with a KN95… wear only one at a time.”

Moving forward: The long-term success over COVID-19 depends on our persistence in the struggle. MRI has been fulfilling bulk orders for large quantities of disposable facemasks, nitrile gloves, and non-surgical gowns going to corporations, government agencies, and organizations of all kinds. As the supporting cast for the vaccine, quality PPE will ensure that the American people can stay safe as the economy returns to full strength.

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