A Look Back at the COVID Pandemic Through MRI’s PPE Timeline

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We’re looking back at the timeline of philanthropic donation and bulk delivery of PPE. While this reflection does not signal the end of the mission, it does indicate America’s path forward is not fraught with as much uncertainty as it has been during the previous 18 months.

By looking back at the ground covered, we gain assurance that the 2021 push to supply bulk, trustworthy PPE will get us to the finish line in the COVID crisis.

1. Zalay introduces wholesale PPE:

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It all began with a need. Overnight, the world’s supply of PPE couldn’t scratch the surface of the global demand. Partnering with Dr. Zalay, MRI began donating and delivering bulk PPE at prices that consumers could afford. She knew firsthand the struggle to find the right products from a trustworthy provider and became the voice for MRI.

An iPad propped up vertically has graphs and figures on the screen.

The data began coming in. Two face masks are better than one, but the N95 and KN95 masks continue to be the gold standard. As part of its mission, MRI helps spread information about the best practices in battling the pandemic, while offering a wide gamut of PPE to fit the needs of all clients.

One-hundred-dollar bills spread out with COVID gloves, a face mask, and a bottle of antibacterial spray placed on top.

The problems suffered by institutions in acquiring face masks only got worse as time wore on. The new disposable face mask industries proved to be a “Wild West” full of greed, corruption, and fear. The FBI confiscated millions of dollars of counterfeit masks, while many businesses found themselves duped.

Overall, shortages continued to be a problem, as PPE was still hard to get. Globally, experts continue to stress the importance of personal protective equipment, and MRI continues its mission to provide a bastion of safety in times of uncertainty through offering certified lab results for all their masks.

A digital graphic depicting the exit of a tunnel into a bright, blue sky with clouds, and the words “COVID-19” written on the road of the tunnel with the white center line making the “I” in the word “COVID.”

Finally, the day came when the question could legitimately be asked, “Do I really need a face mask?” With vaccination rates rising at the beginning of summer 2021, the threat of infection was at an all-time low. The CDC came out with new guidelines for the public.

One-hundred-dollar bills spread out with COVID gloves, a face mask, and a bottle of antibacterial spray placed on top.

Crain’s Chicago Business names MRI spokesperson Dr. Zalay a “Chicago Health Care Hero.” This recognition reassures MRI that it has made a difference through its wholesale, bulk delivery program that includes N95 face masks, KN95 face masks, industrial face masks, bulk COVID-19 masks, and isolation gowns among other PPE.

The task ahead.

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With Crain’s Chicago Business’ recognition of Dr. Zalay, MRI will continue its program of providing wholesale PPE. Businesses today still require stringent protection to protect their workers and vulnerable members of the community who may still be at risk for COVID and the new variants. Travel and large gatherings also continue to mandate COVID masks be worn. At MRI, just like at the beginning, they will find quality, certified PPE to meet their wholesale needs.

About MRI — MRI offers N95 masks, KN95 masks, and a full line of available FDA-approved face masks for industrial or personal use – along with other protective personal equipment:

  • Non-surgical isolation gowns
  • Daily use masks
  • General use face masks
  • Sterilized, individually wrapped masks
  • KN95 masks
  • N95 masks
  • Level 1 face masks
  • Level 2 face masks
  • Latex-free masks

MRI makes it easy for you or your business to donate FDA-approved, thoroughly tested disposable masks and PPE to worthwhile charities and organizations. Born from philanthropy, MRI came into being through our desire to help and educate people through this challenging time. Check out our “Send a gift of PPE” page on our website!

For every 4 boxes of product donated, MRI, LLC will donate 1 additional box.

Contact MRI today at: (847) 778-5167 or email sales@mri-care.com  WHOLESALE PRICING

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