N95 Face Masks Are More Crucial Now Than Ever

A man in a white button-up shirt wearing a blue protective face mask stands in front of a stark black background with his latex-gloved hand, flat palm facing forward as if to say, “STOP.”

The last NFL athlete to play in a game without a helmet was Dick Plasman of the Chicago Bears in 1940. If helmets were face masks, and 1940 was 2021, don’t be a Dick Plasman.

Demand for N95 and high-efficiency masks continues to grow as the new presidential administration issues protective orders requiring mask-wearing to slow the spread of coronavirus – especially as new variants of COVID-19 escalate throughout the world.

As the first round of vaccines are being dispersed to the elderly, healthcare personnel, and frontline workers, it will likely be months before enough Americans are vaccinated to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2. “And with a more infectious variant called B.1.1.7, spreading globally — for which vaccine effectiveness is still unknown — more must be done to prevent as many infections and save as many lives as possible. Wearing a mask can help do that,” according to Harvard Medical staff in a recent STAT/First Opinion article titled “Along with vaccine rollouts, the U.S. needs a National Hi-Fi Mask Initiative.

A whimsical abstract-style painting showing a person dressed head-to-toe in haz-mat gear on a deep blue background with large virus-shaped globes. The person is carrying a hose that is spraying a gigantic billow of white smoke with the words “STOP THE SPREAD” in gold lettering on the white area of the cloud.

One study published in the Lancet medical journal last summer compared transmission rates across 16 countries and found that “both N95 and surgical masks have a stronger association with protection compared with single-layer masks.” Another study, by Duke University, compared the efficacy of different face coverings and found that fitted N95 masks were the most effective. Normal surgical masks are about three times more effective than cloth masks in preventing the spread of virus droplets, according to a 2013 study (see the full Washington Post article here).

 N95 masks are still in short supply as is other PPE as the global demand is constant – putting pressure on a delicate supply chain that remains stressed and unable to meet the seemingly impossible challenge.

Graphic showing an aqua-colored facemask with the words “How well are you covered? MRI’s masks have bacterial filtration efficiency 99.6% and higher” above the ANAB seal, FDA seal, and MRI’s official logo.

MRI offers N95 masks, KN95 masks, and a full line of available FDA-approved face masks for industrial or personal use – along with other protective personal equipment:

  • Non-surgical isolation gowns
  • Daily use masks
  • General use face masks
  • Sterilized, individually wrapped masks
  • KN95 masks
  • N95 masks
  • Level 1 face masks
  • Level 2 face masks
  • Latex-free masks

MRI is transparent about the stringent testing their PPE is subjected to. Next to each protective mask product offering on the website, MRI gives every potential customer access to mask testing results including bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure reports.

Besides disposable face masks/individually packaged masks, MRI also offers non-surgical gowns to the public. If you are in search of a large quantity of bulk PPE, you have arrived at a safe, FDA-approved destination.

MRI makes it easy for you or your business to donate FDA-approved, thoroughly tested disposable masks and PPE to worthwhile charities and organizations. Born from philanthropy, MRI came into being through our desire to help and educate people through this challenging time. Check out our “Send a gift of PPE” page on our website!

For every 4 boxes of product donated, MRI, LLC will donate 1 additional box.

Contact MRI today at: (847) 778-5167 or email sales@mri-care.com  WHOLESALE PRICING AND SAME DAY SHIPPING AVAILABLE.

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