What is Better? An N95 Mask or Two Face Masks?

The recently updated mask regulations at the CDC conclude that two masks are better than one. This has as much to do with fit as with filtration. Adding layers and using the second mask to “tighten” the fit on the first mask can help prevent tiny airborne droplets from getting through the barrier.

To test this, researchers specifically used a medical mask underneath a cloth mask. However, other combinations remain untested. In fact, wearing two medical masks may actually reduce their effectiveness. Furthermore, the CDC states that N95 masks and KN95 masks should not be doubled at all.


These new regulations don’t alter a longstanding conclusion: that N95 masks and KN95 masks continue to be the gold standard when it comes to disease prevention. These masks are designed to withstand long-term exposure to airborne particles. Because of their efficiency rating and ergonomic (tight fit) design, the CDC still recommends that N95 be reserved for medical personal.


A white face mask, marked as KN95, rests on a grey and white patterned, fabric background.

So, should you go buy a cloth mask and medical mask to begin wearing double protection? Fortunately, through bulk COVID mask suppliers such as MRI, the general public has access to the best solution on the market, the 95% rated masks. These masks are now readily available through MRI with enough supply to meet the demand of healthcare workers and beyond. Both N95 masks and KN95 masks can be bought in bulk through our website. With more than 60% of KN95 masks in the USA being counterfeit, MRI gives consumers the peace of mind in knowing that their masks have been tested and verified. Their 95% particle filtration rate surpasses the effectiveness of even wearing double masks.

The fact remains that the best protection against the virus continues to be high quality PPE, and wholesale COVID mask providers like MRI deliver large quantity PPE to healthcare workers and the public. From isolation gowns, to non-surgical masks, quality PPE can now meet the demand for the highest available protection.

Three smiling workers, all wearing PPE like white face masks, non-surgical gowns with hoods, and face shields look into the camera, the person in the front has eyes indicating a big smile.

About MRI

MRI is transparent regarding the stringent testing their PPE is subjected to. Next to each protective mask product offering, MRI gives every potential customer access to mask testing results including bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure reports.

Besides disposable face masks and individually packaged masks, MRI also offers non-surgical gowns to the public. If you are in search of a large quantity bulk PPE, you’ve arrived at a safe, FDA-approved destination.

MRI has made it possible to sell orders of most any size to the general public with wholesale pricing. Contact MRI today at: (224) 268-6428 or email Sales@mri-care.com.


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