Why Bulk Disposable Face Masks and Large Quantity PPE Are Still Hard to Get

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The mission to get large quantity PPE to workers continues into 2021. On January 12, the U.S. registered a new record death toll, the tragedy augmented because the finish line seems to be in sight. However, despite the incoming vaccine, many unanswered questions about COVID persist. Questions about the new strains, the longevity of the immunization effectiveness, vaccination timelines, and about whether vaccinated people can still transmit the virus will all prolong pandemic care efforts. Through all these questions, the experts all agree on one thing: it is too early to relax on usage of COVID masks.

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In hospitals, vaccinated personnel will continue to wear the PPE, not for themselves, but for the sake of unvaccinated patients. They will shop in a PPE market that Healthline has deemed “the New Wild West” full of greed, corruption, and fear. Faulty masks, fraudulent delivery dates, and purchases by millionaires all create an atmosphere of shortage and uncertainty. This means that small-practice doctors, dentists, and businesses may continue feeling the strain of obtaining quality, bulk disposable face masks into the future.

This is no surprise. As NPR reports, despite all their effort to-date, producers have not been able meet demand for large quantity PPE. Many smaller suppliers have stopped producing, disheartened by the unsteady nature of local demand, even as on a macro level it continues to soar. Many other potential suppliers got cold feet upon seeing many manufacturers not able to make up their investment. If the U.S. counted on a flood of new suppliers of large quantity PPE, it has not materialized.

It is for these reasons that MRI will continue to provide large wholesale quantities of PPE to businesses in a bid to keep national prices low, supply sufficient, and the working communities safe. As one of the companies “trying to fill the gap by mass-producing PPE and having it delivered at minimal cost worldwide” (Healthline), MRI aims to be part of a solution inspired through personal contact with those, like Dr. Lauren Zalay, who COVID threatened to leave behind.

“We used to just wear a surgical mask. So now we’re wearing a gown, an N95 mask, a surgical mask, and a face shield,” says Dr. Lauren Zalay from University Associates in Dentistry in a recent TV interview with CBS Chicago.

After each patient, Dr. Zalay and her staff must dispose of the previously used PPE for safety.

“For gowns, I would say we used to go through about 30 per month, and now we’re going through 15-20 per day.”

Obviously, more PPE means more expense, and Dr. Zalay has this to say about the extra costs, “We’re up about 600%. And it’s crazy.” Prior to the pandemic, University Associates in Dentistry paid $18.89 for 10 gowns ($1.89 apiece). Now, the same gowns go for approximately $6.00 apiece. “Major distributors are price gouging us. They know we need it. And they know they have it.” Gloves are also now double the price for half the amount of product.

Dr. Zalay seems to have found a light at the end of the tunnel by teaming up with a philanthropist who started the company MRI, focused on one mission: to help. Besides making deeply discounted bulk quality PPE available to the public, MRI maintains its philanthropic roots. To date, over 1 million masks have been donated, and MRI’s desire to make PPE available to underserved communities is still at the heart of all they do.

MRI spent months finding the best manufacturers around the world – the same ones that produce FDA or CE-listed products. Each manufacturer is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like their manufacturer certification, delivery times, and our own evaluation of the final product.

The MRI logo, consisting of a ball made of a winding ribbon, and the three-block letters “MRI” in aqua colors.

About MRI

MRI is transparent regarding the stringent testing their PPE is subjected to. Next to each protective mask product offering, MRI gives every potential customer access to mask testing results including bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure reports.

Besides disposable face masks and individually packaged masks, MRI also offers non-surgical gowns to the public. If you are in search of a large quantity bulk PPE, you’ve arrived at a safe, FDA-approved destination.

Contact MRI today at: (224) 268-6428 or Sales@mri-care.com

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