Disposable Face Mask

  • For daily use. To help with source control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by blocking droplets exhaled by the wearer.
  • 3-layers of physical barriers: Made with three layers of soft non-woven polypropylenes that help prevent the exhalation of respiratory droplets.
  • Easy to Breathe Through: Highly breathable non-woven fabric makes breathing just as easy as if you weren’t wearing a mask.
  • Comfortable Fit: There is an internal wire on the top of the single-use 3-ply face mask to help it fit securely over your nose and to prevent your glasses from fogging up. The elastic ear loops are soft and will stretch around the ear without excessive strain.
  • Skin-Friendly Materials: Made of soft, non-woven fabric that is odorless and developed to avoid skin irritation.
  • Fiberglass and latex free

Intended Use & Purpose

Helps protect others from the wearer’s respiratory emissions. The CDC has recommended face masks for use by the general public as a form of source control in the spread of COVID-2019. The mask covers user’s mouth, nose, and jaw providing a physical barrier.

This mask is not intended for medical use. This is not a surgical mask, does not provide liquid barrier protection and should not be used in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high. It is always recommended to include masks with other protective measures such as handwashing with non-antimicrobial soap and water, and alcohol-based hand rub if soap and water are not available.