60-Second Hack to Make Your Face Mask Fit Better

Before 2020 not many of us would have known anyone wearing a medical style mask except for our local dentist. Face masks are produced to provide a basic fit for the wearer. The problem is not all faces are created equal. So while the average wearer may not have a problem, those with smaller faces may be wearing face masks that are not effective as they should be.

This 60 second hack by Dr. Olivia Cuid can make your mask more effective in blocking out the COVID virus. In the clip, Cuid shows you how to take a standard surgical mask and make it fit your face better—and it’s pretty fantastic. The video has already racked up over 400,000 views for good reason. “In absence of N95s, this might be a good alternative,” she says, also noting this trick is great for those with smaller faces.

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