Technical Requirements For Disposable Face Masks

This standard is drafted in accordance with the rules given in the GB/T1.1 - 2009 Directives for standardization.

Basic Requirements

  • Mask shall be able to cover mouth and nose safely and firmly
  • Mask shall not be made from recycled materials and materials with high toxicity, carcinogenicity, or potentially carcinogenic. Mask also shall not be made from materials known to cause skin irritation or other adverse reactions.
  • Masks shall not have accessible sharp angle edges and shall not cause injury to the wearer
  • Masks should be easy to wear and remove, have no obvious pressure from wearing, and do not influence head activity
  • The surface of a mask shall be free of breakage, oil stains, deformation and other obvious defects

Internal Quality

  • Colour fastness to abrasion (dry/wet)
  • Formaldehyde content
  • pH value
  • Decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes
  • Ethylene oxide residues
  • Inhalation resistance
  • Exhalation resistance
  • Breaking strength of mask band and the joint of mask band and mask body
  • Fastness of exhalation valve cover
  • Microorganisms – Coliforms, pathogenic purulent bacteria, total fungal colonies, total bacterial colonies
  • Filter efficiency
  • Protection effect

* Testing methods and additional details available upon request.